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It's not your fault, but it is your turn.  By adopting a body/soul/spirit approach you can be restored to the naturally healthy body you were created to have and deepen your faith.

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Spirit-Filled and SUGAR-FREE

Detox your body from sugar, detox your mind from toxic thoughts while nourishing your spirit - 30 day detox

Our Sugar-Detox is one of our most popular challenges because it's the kick-start women need to get sugar out of their lives.

Women love it so much because it's super clear to follow. And it also doesn't just focus on the foods to eat, but helps you get to the root of why you struggle with sugar so much.

We take a spirit, soul and body approach that goes beyond the surface issues.

5 Keys to Weight Loss

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This life-transforming powerful masterclass sheds light on 5 reasons you remain stuck and provides powerful strategies you can use to break through immediately.  An absolute must-watch for anyone who's struggled to lose weight.

21-Day Weight Loss,
God's Way Challenge

Join the over 400,000 women who have done this challenge!

Perhaps the most popular online Christian weight loss program of all time, this challenge includes daily edu-tainment videos, daily devotionals, prayers, music, audio and more that get to the core of why you've struggle with your weight, and how faith can set you free.

About Your Host

Cathy Morenzie

CEO, Healthy by Design

A multiple award-winning author, entrepreneur and international speaker, Cathy has been a leader in the Christian health industry for 15 years helping over 400,000 women to find health, peace and joy through faith, not food.   A personal trainer for over 35 years, Cathy brings a uniquely balanced approach combining powerful biblical principles with simple, easy-to-do practical applications to your health.

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