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Maybe you’ve never even considered bringing God into your health or weight releasing journey. Or, maybe you’ve read Lysa Terkeurst’s Made to Crave or Asheritah Ciuciu’s Full and are looking for more on how to lose weight with biblical principals. Or you’ve tried Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan, but found it too restrictive to maintain. Either way, here are five excellent weight loss devotionals that will kickstart your journey and help you to maintain it year-round. Not only are the following all highly-rated (all 4.5 to 4.7 stars on Amazon with hundreds of reviews each), many are award-winning books as well.

Best of all, we’ve kept them to one series. Why? Because these devotionals all work together in harmony. Collectively they address ALL aspects of the journey from a basic understanding of what is Christian weight loss, to maintaining motivation to exercise or maintain a healthy diet to overcoming emotional eating and low self-esteem. Together these books form a perfect base to help you to stop struggling and start succeeding.

As an added bonus, ALL of these books also have leader’s guide’s in them so you can use them to run your own bible-study group (or suggest them to a book-reading group your in). Accountability is key to success, so the fact that this entire series is designed to work for individuals, groups or entire churches, makes this your ultimate weight loss plan for Christians wanting to lose weight, God’s way.

Weight Loss, God's Way by Cathy Morenzie. Christian weight loss books
Healthy by Design: Weight Loss, God’s Way by Cathy Morenzie

Weight Loss, God’s Way

Written in 2008, in the very early days of the Christian weight loss movement. This weight loss devotional and challenge is a perfect place to start your journey. In 21 days it helps you get to the root of why you’ve always struggled with your weight, and shows you, with biblical principles, how to turn this journey over to God. Read by close to half-a-million people, this is one of the most established, successful and seminal books in this genre. 4.6 Stars / 1100+ reviews (Amazon) (Award winner)

Healthy Eating, God's Way Weight Loss Devotional and Challenge Cover
Healthy Eating, God’s Way

Healthy Eating, God’s Way

Finally, a devotional that helps with a problem we all face – remaining consistent with a healthy diet. It’s not so much we don’t know what to eat, it’s that we lack any consistency on maintaining a healthy diet. This devotional gets to the very heart of why we struggle to do what we know, and renews your mind towards how you eat.
4.6 Stars / 150+ reviews (Amazon) (award winner)

Get Active, God’s Way

Get Active, God’s Way

One thing a lot of struggle with is finding the motivation to get up, get out and exercise on a daily basis. Using faith-based principles, Cathy Morenzie shows how to make staying healthy, a way to honor God. Learn simple, practical and biblical ways to get yourself active everyday.
4.7 Stars / 150+reviews (Amazon) (award winner)

Love God, Lose Weight

Love God, Lose Weight: Overcome Emotional Eating

In a book that might be better entitled, ‘Be Loved by God, Lose Weight’ Cathy Morenzie dives deep into our poor self-images, emotional eating and at times, a view of God generations guilt and shame. By learned to accept that God loves us unconditionally, we can heal those inner wounds that have kept us stuck using food as a crutch to fill a God-sized hole. 4.5 Stars / 225+reviews (Amazon)

Spirit-Filled & Sugar-Free

Spirit-Filled & Sugar-Free

Cathy’s newest book is based off her most popular online program, the Spirit-Filled and Sugar-Free 30 day sugar detox and challenge. Curve sugar cravings, break sugar addiction or just rebalance your sugar intake to a healthy level and learn the tips, tools and secrets to maintaining a low-sugar and carbohydrate lifestyle. Loads of bonus content as well, including meal plan and recipes. 4.7 Stars

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